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Dende Collective is a London-based theatre company created in 1999. We have been producing shows with a strong Brazilian flavour.

Dende Collective also produces educational programs aimed at enhancing and encouraging community and young people’s involvement with live theatre. We run education activities in schools, art centres and community projects. The themes and techniques have varied from: masks, puppetry, storytelling, Brazilian culture, citizenship, radio drama and multi media.

Dende is the Brazilian name for palm oil and like the dishes cooked with the Dende oil, Dende Collective’s shows are a feast, with an international feel, bringing together a rich mix of styles and visual elements.

Dende shows bring to the stage the exciting cultural mixture that makes London one of the most vibrant cities in the world, attracting diverse audiences to the theatre.

Dende Collective makes Theatre mixing Cultures.

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Commedia Dell’Arte – Brazilian Style

Five-Day Workshop with Dende Collective’s

Artistic Director André Pink

Dates: Mon 23 to Fri 27 July 2012

Time: from 10 AM to 5 PM

Venue: Oval House - 52-54 Kennington Oval – London SE11 5SW

Price: £180.00 /  £160.00 (concessions)

Commedia Dell’Arte was an Italian art performed initially on the streets and then indoors through the XVI to the XVIII century, which used improvisation and half masks and influenced all theatre from the period from Shakespeare to Moliere and Goldoni and further on. This workshop will look at how the Commedia characters can be revisited and brought to life. Brazilian rhythms and dances, such as Capoeira and Samba, will be used to explore some of the characters.


During the workshop participants will:

  • Get to know about the history of Commedia (origins, development, decadence and influences)
  • Learn and explore its characters (Zannis, Lovers, Old Men, Capitano)
  • Create Lazzis (comical routines)
  • Improvise with the characters in scenarios that will get longer and more complicated as the week progresses and more characters have to interact with each other.


André Pink is co-founder and artistic director of Dende Collective having directed al its projects to date. He has been researching Commedia since 1992, training with  with Christiane Paoli-Quito, Tiche Vianna, Josephine Darenne (Theatre du Soleil), Fernando Linares and Pietro Mossa. He regularly teaches Commedia workshops and masterclasses here in the UK and Brazil; some of the institutions include East 15, Mountview Academy, UEL, School of the Science of Acting, Oval House, SP Teatro (Brazil).  At East 15 he is a regular tutor in the Commedia module, having directed 9 scenarios by Flaminio Scalla there. Dende Collective will soon embark in producing its first half mask show inspired by Commedia and this workshop is part of this broader project.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis, to confirm plase send a deposit (half fee) with your details (name, address, telephone, mobile and email) to the address bellow, cheques to be made payable to Dende Collective:

Dende Collective – Buckley House, 12 Buckley Road, First Floor, London, NW6 7NA

Or make a bank deposit into our account (reference: Commedia – Your Last Name):

Dende Collective,  The Co-Operative Bank, Account: 65169960, Sort Code: 089299

For further information: 07984 451 796 or apink1@mac.com


KWAIDAN in MANCHESTER - December 2008

Kwaidan Samurai

Dende Collective was invited to collaborate with Manchester's Contact Theatre once again. We worked along CYAC - Contact Young Actor's Company - to create their Xmas Show for 2008. We had the opportunity to work for the first time on a mid-scale venue. Our artistic directors worked together on the directing of the show and Andre designed it and Montse wrote the script. A 15 strong-cast helped us devising the show, which was based on traditional Japanese Ghost stories, horror movies and Manga.

Dende last worked with CYAC when they developed together CLUB PIRANHA.


For for information go to our KWAIDAN page in plays







C-ATTACK! - Great Yarmouth, October 2008

Sea Creatures under the rainFirst performed and commissiomed by the Out There Festival - Great Yarmouth

Run while you can! Sea Creatures are taking over the streets of Great Yarmouth. Are they here in peace or are they invaders? People are swimming on dry land and some protesters claim to know the truth. What side are you on? Do you love Sea Creatures? Come and decide for yourself

C-Attack! was Dende's first street theatre show. It was a highly visual and extravagant street theatre performance for the town of Great Yarmouth, encouraging the active participation of members of the community and professional artists from the region. Dende Collective worked alongside SeaChange Arts, a local arts organisation, and Zap Arts to create a show that involved around 100 participants and was seen by over 1,000 people. This was the only performance especially commissioned for the Festival.



For more information on C-ATTACK! click here