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Is a forum for artists and performers to explore theatre techniques and apply them creatively in their work. The sessions can be lead either by a guest practitioner or by a Dende member. The Lab offers a space and an opportunity to meet creatively, sharpen skills, acquire news ones and stretch the imagination. Sometimes we use our Lab sessions to develop an aspect of a future show, this is an opportunity to work with professionals we have not worked with before and share our creative approach to making work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to play with Dende Collective!




The Suzuki Method of Actor Training - Intensive 3-Day Training

Lead Practitioner: Ichiro Nakayama (Japan)

Dates: 25 - 27 Sep 2009

Venue: Queen Mary University of London


Introduction to Puppetry (Paper, Shadows and Clay) - Devising for the Macunaima Cycle

Lead Practitioner: Steve Tiplady

Date: 17 May 2008

Venue: Mountview Academy of Dramatic Arts


Nihon-Buyo - Kabuki Dance 

Lead Practitioner: .... (Japan)

Date: 16 - 17 October 2007

Venue: Oval House Theatre


Physical Acting 

Lead Practitioner: Jorge Lopes Ramos (Brazil)

Date: 22 - 23 February 2007

Venue: Oval House Theatre


Corporeal Mimesis 

Lead Practitioner: Wagner Gori (Brazil)

Date: 6 - 7 May 2006

Venue: Oval House Theatre