Dende Elders Projects

We have been working with this age group (60+) at the Church Street Library in Westminster since 2017.

Everything started when Andre Pink, our Artistic Director, collaborated with the theatre company Improbable and was one of the leading artists in their project Impro for Elders in 2016 which took place in the library and was followed by 2 successful shows at the Cockpit.

Dende decided to continue working with the group running weekly classes mainly because of the bond created between Andre and the group and things snowballed from then. So, big thanks to Improbable for kickstarting this strand of work which is now a big part of what we do!

Our work is mainly about empowering the group by offering them best practices in terms of content and delivery whilst generating well-being through what we believe is one of the most important tools against the adversities of the process of ageing in a big city like London: fun and socialisation.

The team at Church Street Library has been instrumental in supporting us in working with this age group either by offering us space or facilitating the process for us getting funding. At the library we have offered the following projects: