The Austerity Playbook

A Jazz Recital Performance

Music by: Andrea Vicari Libretto: Mark O’Thomas Director by: André Pink

Hoxton Hall Friday 18 Jan 2019 - 8:00pm

The participants from our work at Church Street Library take part in this project, acting out the story and creating improvised movement sequences alongside professional jazz singers and a band who played amazing music by Andrea Vicari. We present the Dende Company of Elders.

What are the hidden rules of austerity? What is its human cost? What happens when a city closes down its libraries?

Following a successful premiere at Northern Stage in Newcastle, The Austerity Playbook comes to London for a recital performance at Hoxton Hall. It takes an ironic and satirical look at the consequences of austerity, the show built on new research in this area.

Some of the best UK jazz singers and musicians took part in offering a combination of live music and community theatre with the special participation and dynamic intervention of the Dende Company of Elders (60+).

The Playbook documents the human cost of austerity in a mythical northern city, based on the groundbreaking research of Professor Ileana Steccolini (Newcastle University) and Laurence Ferry (Durham University).


  • Andrea Vicari – Piano
  • Juliet Kelly - Vocals
  • Fini Bearman - Vocals
  • Luca Manning - Vocals
  • Georgia Van Etten - Vocals
  • Dorian Lockett – Bass
  • Caroline Scott - Drums 
  • Chelsea Carmichael - Saxophone

Presented by Dende Collective, Durham University and Newcastle University.

Funded by Newcastle University